How we do it

We’ve taken a life time of software and web development experience, combined the best practices and economical solutions and created a process that allows us to deliver near perfect projects at a reasonable price. We focus on customer satisfaction, which means delivering your project on time and on budget with lots of communication along the way.

Agile Development

Our development teams are really Scrum teams using agile development processes to make sure we deliver a product with quality code, properly architected framework and most importantly, that functions properly. Development tasks are broken down into short (weekly) sprints to keep us focused and provide opportunity for feedback to make adjustments along the way.

Experienced Project Manager

Your project manager is a FullStack ninja who knows how to properly architect any solution, and who can move in and out of the development sprints quickly and efficiently solving problems and providing direction for the rest of the team.

Offshore development

We’ve hired some of the worlds best development talent. They happen to reside in the Philippines where we pay them well, and get exceptional value. You get the benefit of a local project manager with the cost savings of an offshore team.

Think outside the box

“No” is not a word in our vocabulary. We tackle the hardest problems with research, creative thinking, custom integrations, and then experimentation with proof of concept code. We enjoy finding elegant solutions to complex issues.

We are in the cloud

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have experienced server admins to set up the hosting and ensure your project has all the security, availability and scalability you will ever need.