Pricing depends on the size of the team you need and how much time is needed to complete the project. Each project is different and we will create a plan and pricing unique to your situation. The examples below are approximate.

Small Team

Type of ProjectsWebsite
Integration with 3rd party
Ongoing maintenance
Team Size1 Architect
1 FullStack Developer
Discovery$2,000/one time
Blue Print$3,000/one time
Build and Test$4,000/month

Medium Team

Type of ProjectsLaravel application with open API
Create mobile phone app
Add or improve features to existing software
Team Size1 Architect
2 FullStack Developers
1 Project Manager/QA
Discovery$2,500/one time
Blue Print$4,000/one time
Build and Test$8,000/month

Enterprise Team

Type of ProjectsCustom development
Open API with Multiple Integrations
iOS and Android Apps
Team Size1 Architect
3 FullStack Developers
2 Mobile Developers
1 Project Manager
1 Quality Assurance
Discovery$3,000/one time
Blue Print$5,000/one time
Build and Test$15,000/month